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NASW Indiana Board & Staff Statement

NASW Indiana Board & Staff Statement on Racism in America
June 4, 2020

The incidents that have occurred over the past week are disturbing and all too familiar in Indiana and across the United States. This is not new. Racism and police brutality are real. There is so much hate and inequality in our world, and we should not stand by. Being sad and outraged is not enough, we must do better. We must join this fight. When people come together, change can happen.

Social Workers fight for social justice every single day – it is rooted in our education and Code of Ethics, and it is part of who we are. We fight injustice with our words, with our actions and with the policies that we seek to establish and change.

We need to unite and work to end systemic racism. We need to continue to challenge racial inequities every day – in our communities, agencies and government.

While there is no easy answer to this complex problem, NASW Indiana is committed to doing more. We are working to identify programs and resources to help educate Social Workers and the community and to raise awareness of the need to not just be “not racist,” but to actively engage in being anti-racist. We are also seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations to support and amplify an anti-racist message.

We know that our community is enraged by what has happened. We know that many of you worry for your own safety, as well as the safety of your family, neighbors and communities. Please know that NASW Indiana stands with you and is committed to this Ending Racism pledge: (shared by Dr. Angelo McClain CEO, NASW, 6/2/2020)

Right now, you might not be able to say this pledge out loud with me or raise your hand. You may be more comfortable saying it within the quietness of your own heart; or you might be comfortable taking the pledge later.

From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution of ending racism in America. Right now, I’m not exactly sure all of what this commitment entails, but I pledge to work toward that end.


Michelle "Holly" Gray
Board President

Katrina Norris
Board President Elect

Bessie Proffet
Public Policy Chair

 NASW Indiana Board and Staff

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